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Get an overview of PayPal accounts here

PayPal Accounts

Want an overview of PayPal accounts? If yes, then you will find all the information related to different PayPal accounts on this page. Many people use Paypal accounts for different reasons. Some people prefer PayPal while shopping online or in order to buy or sell things. Besides the normal PayPal account one can also choose from Personal, Business, Premier or Student accounts. Access the PayPal account to send or receive money online. Pay with your PayPal balance, credit card, debit card and bank account. Customers facing problems related to their PayPal account, can contact the PayPal customer service department.  

PayPal Personal Account

This account is most suitable for people who sends money to their family and friends. As the name suggest, this account is used for only personal use. With PayPal Personal account, you can :

PayPal Premier Account

If you are an online seller and want to accept payments via PayPal, then this account is best suitable for you. The Premier account contains all the benefits of a personal account. With this account you can:

PayPal Business Account

This is best suitable for people who are an online merchants and functions under an organization or group name. If you are an online merchant then get ready for all the benefits of a Premier account and plus much more with the business account. With the PayPal Business account, you can:

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PayPal Student Account

These account is for the students whose age is 13 or above. This account is basically setup to provide awareness among students regarding managing money. You can also track your child's “Student account” by linking it to your PayPal account. You have an option to set up upto four Student Accounts under your Premier, Personal or Business account. With PayPal Student account, one can get the following benefits:

As a parent, you can:

In order to add a Student account, you will require:

All PayPal Accounts

All the PayPal accounts are individual and can only be linked with one person and one email address. In case if you would like to share your PayPal account with somebody else, then you both will require to login with the same email address and the password.

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